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Are you launching or growing a business?

Make a Smart Start using this free tool!


Build a customized business roadmap and connect with trusted local resources along the way.

The Process

Here's How it Works

Answer Questions

Each phase has a series of questions to determine your next steps. Answer the questions (be honest!) based on your business needs and goals.

Get Working

The Dashboard creates a custom task list outlining your next steps in order. Check off the items as you go and keep track of your progress!

Find Help

At each phase you can connect with vetted local experts who are ready to help. Simply send a Help Request to get contact them directly.

What to Expect

Phases of the Business Journey

Take things one step at a time. Dive into each phase, and check off tasks as you go.


Phase One:
Customer Development

Test your idea to find out who will pay for your product or service and where to reach them.

  • Identify customer segments and personas

  • Conduct customer discovery interviews

  • Define value propositions 


Phase Two:
Nuts and Bolts

Dig into the logistical details of starting your business and make things official.

  • Determine business structure

  • State and federal filing

  • Obtain applicable licenses

  • Business insurance needs


Phase Three:

Make sure your books are in order and you have a plan for all the financial obligations of your business.

  • Business bank account 

  • Prepare quarterly estimated taxes 

  • Develop a bookkeeping process


Phase Four:
Getting Out There

Craft your brand and message to reach your target customers.

  • Develop your brand 

  • Create logo

  • Website development

  • Social media marketing strategy

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